About smileyrides™

Children’s All-in-One Dental Fun™

smileyrides™ children's all-in-one dental fun™ station has been designed to:


  • Encourage healthy oral hygiene habits

  • Engage child with fun, interactive design

  • Keep all of childs dental products organized

  • Keep bathroom counters clean and clutter free

  • Be easy to clean and disinfect

  • Ease the stress from parents trying to force children to brush

Liz Bunch, Owner

Liz is currently a Tugboat Captain on Maui. She captains a tractor tug in Kahului Harbor, Maui’s main commercial port. Most importantly she is a mother of two beautiful children, Kirra (10 years) and Cru (7 years).
Combining her love of boats with her desire to make healthy habits more fun, smileyrides was born.